A glimpse of a few participants on the day as they left; dictated by Susan :
"Absolutely marvellous workshops Ė they really connected with what I am doing and trying to achieve. I have met a lot of people "
"Very informative, intelligent, touching, well balanced day that I appreciated thoroughly "
"It covered so much. I shall now join Transitus. Itís all complex and all encompassing ".
" I didnít know what to expect. A very thought provoking day and learned aspects of funerals not known before from talking to the coffin people. I have met lots of like minded souls".
"Fascinating. People talked about something not normally talked about. I fell less afraid to discuss death now. "
" I was inspired by Soul midwifery. I learned a lot and would like to learn more. Really liked meeting new people each with interesting questions. All talking and learning from each other. I would like to re write Laura Wades play with lots of types of emotions around dying and funerals Ė you could have eight different plays all around the UK. It would touch more people."
"Peter Fenwick had me awe struck. He talked about dying with such ease and I had never heard of those death visions before. People need to know about them."
" I have met people today that I didnít think it would be possible to so . I have made connections today that will last. I feel inspired. Thank you for a great day"
"Today I feel as though I have received nourishment, not just emotional nourishment but intelligent and spiritual from the delegates and the immense energy here today. My funeral celebrant training course didnít give me that or those connections I have made today.
"I know I belong here, I belong in Transitus."
"The day was so professionally run from the moment we entered. The hall has never looked like this before Ė all these coffins. At first I thought it was a bit much and then I started talking to one of the men who brought them. He really cares about them"
"I only went to one workshop as I was so moved I wanted to just sit outside and think and then I came back in and listened to the lovely music from the wooden bowls. I hadnít thought about music when people are dying before"
"I now know it is Ok to talk about my funeral with my family. I will show them the leaflet on how to plan a funeral ".
" I feels so inspired today. I only came by chance and hadnít really thought about the topic much before. It has opened a whole new world to me and I want to go home and discuss planning my funeral with my family. I had never touched a coffin before and these were so lovely and to meet the people how had created themí.
And an extract from one so typical of the many members' comments:
Transitus Festival 2009 - Feedback

What a wonderful day! Congratulations and a very big thank you to the whole team.

I was intrigued at the cross-section of people there, and judging by the relatively few people wearing Ďproperí Transitus name tags, there were plenty of non-members. The hall looked comfortably full for Peterí Fenwickís talk, and itís no small hall.

The talks and workshops represented an excellent variety. I attended the story Ďtoldí by William Essex, the talk by Julie White, and the workshop led by Christoffer de Graal. Each was very different and I found them all valuable.

The play, Colder Than Here, was marvellous. It felt quite spookily real in its dealings with the wide gambit of emotions that surface around death, as well as most subtly getting across some information that few people have. Congratulations to the players and playwright.

I think a biennial (or annual?) event would be a great asset to the expanding world of interest in death, dying and continuing consciousness.

While it would be good to spread such a festival around, I thought the venue was lovely and seemed to suit the occasion and work very well. Itís light, airy feel is part of what made it so perfect.

The lunches and other food and drinks provision was very good; fair prices and very good quality.

I liked having the printed programme to refer to on the day and take home. The colours and design of the material were rather special. My one criticism is that it was difficult to understand the pricing, on the original brochure.

The day felt like a celebration! The energy, enthusiasm and commitment of the wonderful team who created the day were absolutely evident. Again, thank you, each one.
THANK YOU EVERYONE and if I have missed your name, know that you have been remembered and honoured.
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