20th June 2009 at The Exchange, Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Thank you to everyone involved. It was a great occasion. Dr Peter Fenwick set exactly the right tone talking of the NHS and the need for care of the soul. Attendees included local residents, Transitus members and supporters, palliative care and other end of life care professionals.
BBC coverage included 5 live and the World service but the Radio 4 coverage (wow!) was cut one minute from going out because of the tragic news of the deaths of the hostages. (I am also being filmed about the work and that of the Natural Death Centre by Don Productions for the equivalent of the Japanese BBC! You may have seen them at the festival.)
Safe Journey

A stimulating day of exploration concerning the end of life and beyond

First Transitus Festival

Was held on Saturday 20th June 2009

The Exchange Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Temporary disabled
Robert's beautiful creation, and serene holding, of the day, the work of the team, Annie, Jean, Susan - and me! in preparation and back stage help on the day from Josefine, Sarah, John and Brett, talks and workshops, sponsors, supporters (like local Funeral Director Donald) and stand holders were all blessed by Carmella's gloriously inspired opening, the presence of Janice and the Festival Day chalice. Music and poetic voices filled the air. (See later for a full list of contributors).
The Gallery, with art work - The Art of Dying - from members David, Sabra and Carla, and of Tony Tree, inspired interest and conversation in the lead up to the Festival and vibrant pictures of the Mexican Day of the Dead, a feast for the dead by Jean and ribbons of pictures around the stage, contrasted sharply with the monochrome British way, though changing. Memorial Art work and Heathcote William's homage to Stanley Spencer gave the hope of more live to come. (Again see later for pictures.) (All this art work along with reference books, coffins of many types, soothing tea and someone to talk to - qualified and amateur) will all be part of The Martinsey Isle Trust's planned Death Resource Centre in Stur - a pioneering idea to be followed everywhere, it is hoped, along with natural burial provision), so if you think you could help, do let me know - offers coming in already!
A beautiful local Victorian Bier complete with local Funeral Director's costume of the day kindly on loan from the Sturminster Mill and Museum Society, brought a different conversation and it is hoped to interview these "last of the few" who remember the old ways.
Thank you to all members of The Taboo Amateur Theatre Company for their moving performance of Colder Than Here and continue dedication, professionalism and generosity (see for past and future venues and book with me for Colder or Craig for other performances.)
Without the support of the local community and everyone at The Exchange - especially Kerry and Jacqui, Bobby, Robin and Sharon - and the beautifully prepared food by Jane Montana of Farmyard Picnic (who puts her heart and soul into her business) and artwork from local artists, Hazel, Mary and Margaret. none of this would have been possible,

Also, please start thinking about hosting a day in your area! At least one offer already!
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