FIRST TRANSITUS FESTIVAL Safe Journey - Festival Workshops
The Exchange , Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Saturday 20th June 2009, 10.30 - 6.30
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Bow Room
12.45 A Story ‘told’ by William Essex: A Child's Terminal Illness - As Told By Her Guardian Angel (30 minutes)
William is a storyteller whose experience of past-life regression uncovered the memories on which this reading is based. He says: ‘My guidance is that these stories are to be delivered by voice. The readings begin with an invocation and end with a mantra. They offer the comfort of words and the comfort beyond words’.

1.45 Slide show: Afterlife paintings by Frederik Lionel Brown (30 minutes)
Dr Robert Mulliss will show and discuss the work of the late psychic artist Frederik Lionel Brown. Dr Mulliss is co-ordinator of the Wessex Research Group Network.
12.45 Talk by Judith Pidgeon: Woodland Burials – Why and Where? (30 minutes)
Judith Pidgeon will discuss the advantages of this envioronmentally-friendly approach based on her experience of ceremonies at four very different burial grounds. Judith is a Trustee of the Natural Death Ce ntre and co-founder of the Martinsey Isle Trust and Transitus (visit

1.45 Talk by Susan Morris & Fiona Gerardin: What is a funeral like at Ham Down Woodland Burial Ground, Dorset?
Explore this and other questions with Susan Morris (The Association of Natural Burial Grounds/The Natural Death Centre Charity and Fiona Gerardin (Ham Down Woodland Burial Ground

2.45 Workshop with Jane Morrell & Simon Smith: Green fuse contemporary funerals and funeral ceremonies (45 minutes)
Funeral directors and celebrants, Jane Morrell and Simon Smith, facilitate modern, exciting and demanding courses whether you want to be a celebrant or know more about arranging funerals. Their book ‘We need to talk about the funeral’ demonstrates their imaginative approach and wide knowledge. (Visit:
12.45 Workshop with Anne Bury: Talking about and planning for your own death (45 minutes)
All too often we put off thinking about dying until it is too late. Based on 30 years experience in palliative care, Annee will show how talking about our end of life wishes can be both a liberating and a socially healing experience. For the last 12 years Annee was Head of Education in two hospices, working with doctors and nurses to enable them to improve their end of life care. She now works independently combining these roles with healing, funeral advice and celebrancy.

1.45 Talk by Julie White: Soul Midwifery - A Journey of Remembrance (30 minutes)
Discover how we can all "answer the calling" of the Soul Midwife, in caring for the soul as it approaches death and passes over. Julie Elizabeth White has been involved with palliative care for over 20 years. She is experienced in both applying and teaching metaphysics and healing, and runs courses is Soul Midwifery. (

2.45 Talk by Felicity Warner: Gentle Dying (30 minutes)
Dying is a sacred experience. Everyone's death is unique and you can honour their experience and nurture it by giving them all your attention, love and compassion. ‘Gentle Dying’ is a method being used by many health professionals across the UK, but it can also be used by close loved ones of the dying. Felicity Warner, Soul Midwife and author of Gentle Dying, founded the Hospice of the Heart Trust and runs a training in the Gentle Dying method.
12.45 Talk by Josefine Speyer: Windows to a reality beyond the physical body (30 minutes)
A talk by Josefine Speyer concerning common, yet little spoken of phenomena associated with dying and bereavement. Cofounder of both the Natural Death Centre and the Befriending Network, Josefine is a UKCP registered psychotherapist based in London.

1.45 Workshop with Carmella B’Hahn: Birth and Death as Transitions (45 minutes)
Carmella B’Hahn will share extraordinary personal experiences from the birth and death of her son, Benjaya, that turn traditional thinking about birth and death on its head. Carmella is the author of two books, ‘Benjaya’s Gifts’ and ‘Mourning has Broken’, and has 30 years’ experience in the fields of holistic birth, death, grieving and personal development.

2.45 Talk by Robert Lord: Journey into the Afterlife (30 minutes)
How can we picture the other world and prepare ourselves for the journey? A discussion based on near-death experiences and other afterlife research by Robert Lord, editor of Invisible News (visit
1.45 Talk by Rev Sally Bedborough
Christian and Multi-faith Approaches to Death and Dying (30 minutes) With the increasing trend to individualise funerals and other aspects of death it is important to re-assess what is possible and what defines a particular approach. Sally will speak out of her experience as the Chaplain at the Joseph Weld Hospice in Dorchester.

2.45 Music Workshop: with Christoffer de Graal: Exploring the Journey (35 minutes)
Once influenced by classical music traditions, Christoffer de Graal now works as an improvisational musician, singer and workshop leader – he has travelled the world to learn more about the Healing and transformational power of music. Christoffer is offering a multi-instrumental workshop called ‘Exploring the Journey’ where using sound and movement together enables people to touch hearts and nourish souls.
Stour Hall
Programme of Music and Poetry

12.45 Music by Christoffer de Graal (See Workshop in Chivrick at 2.45)

1.05 Poems read by Simon Smith (See Workshop in Lydden at 1.45)

1.25 Silent Voices from Forever - Verses ‘written’ by David Brown with an introduction

1.45 To be announced

2.05 Poems by Nick Nicholls, written for those who have died

2.25 Sounding Bowls - Demonstration by Tobias Kaye
(The bowls will be on display-visit:

2.45 To be announced

3.05 To be announced

3.25 To be announced
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