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The Centre for Death and Society (CDAS)
The Centre for Death and Society (CDAS) is the UK's only centre devoted to the study and research of social aspects of death, dying and bereavement.
The Natural Death Centre
The Natural Death Centre is a social entrepreneurial, educational charity that gives advice on all aspects of dying, bereavement and consumer rights in this area
Dying Matters
Dying Matters is a broad based and inclusive national coalition of more than 15,000 members, which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards death, dying and bereavement.
Soul Midwives
Soul Midwives are non medical holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.
The Wessex Research Group Network (WRGNetwork)
The Wessex Research Group Network (WRGNetwork) is a co-ordinating network and focus for groups and individuals concerned with new areas of research and experience
The Invisible Community
Humanity lives in two worlds - that of the incarnate and that of the discarnate. Wherever these two worlds meet there exists an invisible community. Everyone belongs to such a community, but only some are aware of it - the invisible community wishes to foster this awareness
The Isle of Avalon
The life, atmosphere, people and traditions of Glastonbury
Age Concern North Dorset
Age Concern North Dorset aims through its services and activities to help to make later life more enjoyable, with practical help and support, giving a better quality to life and allowing people to celebrate retirement.
Living Well, Dying Well
Living Well, Dying Well aims to shed light on how to accept, plan and prepare practically, emotionally and spiritually for the end of life. We help people think about it, talk about it and plan for it, in a safe and supported way
The Wrekin Trust
The Wrekin Trust is an educational charity which was started in 1971 by Sir George Trevelyan Bt for spiritual education of a non-sectarian kind. Its main aim now is to advance education and learning across different faith and spiritual communities by creating safe meeting spaces for connections, dialogue, learning and social action.
Ham Down Woodland Burial Ground
Situated in an outstanding position with an uninterrupted view of Hambledon Hill, this small woodland burial ground of 2 acres was originally a vineyard and is surrounded by a neat ringfence. It is sited in an area renowned for its conservation features and great variety of trees and shrubs.
The Scientific and Medical Network
Founded in 1973, The SMN is an interdisciplinary networking forum and educational charity exploring science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality. It hosts conferences, dialogues and talks in the UK and on continental Europe
Higher Ground Meadow
A traditional hay meadow with panoramic views over the Dorset and Somerset countryside
See also the Association of Natural Burial Grounds List on the Natural Death Centre's website
Chalice Well
Chalice Well is one of Britain's most ancient wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards. For over two thousand years this has been a place where people have gathered in this sacred space to drink the waters and find solace, peace and inspiration
Lavender Farm Project
The Dorset Lavender Farm Project Ltd., Sturminster Newton, a not-for-profit company which aims to provide opportunities for local people in a range of volunteering, training and supported work placement roles. Through this project, they are supporting, among others, Guy’s Marsh Prison, Shaftesbury, by providing such opportunities to prisoners
Panborough Hill
Nyland Hill - Andrewsey
Panborough Hill
The Martinsey Isle Trust and the Glaston Rose Humane Company Creating an idyll of Martinsey and Lidney Islands Natural Burial honouring life's sacred thresholds
The Martinsey Isle Trust was co-founded in 2002 by David Wasley, its inspiration, and Judith Pidgeon, its grounder

The Martinsey Isle Trust - Ivy Cottage - Bath Road - Sturminster Newton - Dorset - DT10 1DU - UK - Telephone: 01258 475 125
Registered Charity Number : 1135600
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