The Choice
The Martinsey Isle Trust and Jan Hatanaka are working together to raise funds for a play to be written focusing on bereavement.
Jan Hatanaka
Jan Hatanaka is the Director of "The Grief Reconciliation Project" and Author of the book called The Choice - Finding Life in the Face of Death. It is one of these case histories that Mick Gordon will base the play.
Mick Gordon
Among other things the talented Mick Gordon is the director and author of, "On Love", "On Ego" and "On Death". He is seen here with Billy Bragg discussing their recent joint production, "Pressure Drop".
Of this proposed new play, Mick says:
No aspect of living a good life can be more important to us than our relationship to death. This is a shocking and beautiful understanding. Our play will be an inspiration for those attempting to live the good life. A gentle and careful emotional journey following one of Jan Hatanaka's amazing characters on his search to find the reason for his strange behaviour. A profound detective story, taking him into his past and into a re-connection with his family, revealing the source of his disquiet and offering him the potential for future contentment. Judith will acquire the rights for me to write to her commission a truly exciting project.
Jan Hatanaka
Dr. Jan Hatanaka's approach to grief and reconciliation is informed by: her personal experience; her extensive academic research on the universality of grief and loss; and her in-depth discussions with hundreds of individuals willing to recount their personal stories.
The founder of Grief Reconciliation International Inc., she holds positions at York University, Toronto, in the Department of Nursing, the Religious Studies program, and the York Institute for Health Research. She has a B.Sc. in nursing from the University of Ottawa, an M.A. in education and counselling psychology from the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. in theology from the University of Wales.
Chalice Well
Chalice Well
Glastonbury Tor from the Somerset Levels
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