How It all began
Little did I (Judith) know, when I went along to Missenden Abbey's Summer School in 2001, to study stained glass making, that my life would change forever. There I was, sailing along happily, gardening, writing a bit, painting, etc., while I decided whether to go back to teaching, now that my beloved mum, whom I had lovingly nursed through Alzheimer's, had died, or to stay volunteering with young people, the elderly, disabled and dying.

In the doorway of the room, which was to be my classroom for the next week, sat an intense figure, David, bent over a spinning wheel which disgorged silken thread from an unruly pile of wool gathered from his own sheep. This image soon became a metaphor for David and the magic that he can create from seeming chaos. He read his poems, showed me an image in amber and told me he wanted to save Martinsey, one of the islands of Glastonbury and other parts of our sacred heritage by creating a trust. 'I'll join you,' I heard myself saying, as we also planned a place of succour there for the dying and their loved ones through all the stages of planning and preparations, death and bereavement

The rest, as they say, 'is history'
Roseland and Godney
We soon decided to buy two pieces of land, which we re-named 'GodneyMoorland' and 'Roseland'.

'Roseland', a small piece of land, of about 2 hectares, lying just below the Tor in Glastonbury, had previously been used as agricultural land, and it was here that we decided to create a natural burial ground: in this area known as the 'ingress and egress of souls'.

As our first foray, however, we decided to buy 'GodneyMoorland', as a sacred space for memorials for the dead and for workshops and activities related to dying and bereavement. (No-one can truly 'own' land so our aim is to protect it for the future.) 'GodneyMoorland' is within the Somerset Levels on the outskirts of Glastonbury. It has a view of both the Tor, with its myriad of faith traditions through history and now; and of the church in Glastonbury, with its links to Joseph of Arimathea, Mary and Jesus.

What a day that was: sitting in the front row at the auction in Wells! We had agreed not to go above a certain figure. Within moments, that figure was reached. Trembling visibly we upped the bid and 'GodneyMoorland' was 'ours'.

Chalice Well
Chalice Well
Glastonbury Tor from the Somerset Levels
The Martinsey Isle Trust and the Glaston Rose Humane Company Creating an idyll of Martinsey and Lidney Islands Natural Burial honouring life's sacred thresholds
The Martinsey Isle Trust was co-founded in 2002 by David Wasley, its inspiration, and Judith Pidgeon, its grounder

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