The Art of Dying
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The Art of Dying (and Living)
The Art of Dying (and Living) is a project dedicated to providing opportunities for open, honest and supported discussion of death, dying and bereavement in modem society and especially of how such opportunities can enrich life.
The marginalisation of death and dying in society often results in death being seen as a failure (especially a medical one), a disaster or something morbid and fearful that has no place in life. Most of us don't want to think or talk about death, (either our own, or those we know and love), until it is unavoidable. One of the problems with this view, is that death is frequently unpredictable and can come at any time.

Cultivating a greater awareness of death can relieve much of the fear and denial many of us feel around this largely taboo subject. This might include thinking about how we wish to die, what we would like to complete before we die, how we grieve and how we help others who are confronting the end of life.

Doing this, however, is not so easy. Most of us have little opportunity to explore our feelings about death in the busyness of life, and need skilful support and encouragement to do so. The Art of Dying project seeks to help with this.

We aim to offer safe and supported ways for people from all walks of life to think about death and dying, examine and share their feelings, if they wish, and deepen their understanding of how death can make life more precious. This is not a formula, but a personal journey that unfolds over time.

What we Offer:
  • Support for those working in the fields of spirituality, death and dying through informal gatherings and networking.
  • Workshops that explore themes around burial choice and spirituality.
  • Seminars, colloquia and discussion groups at international conferences.
  • Supporting and producing high-quality drama and arts initiatives, that address issues around death and dying in a non-threatening way. See Colder Than Here page.
  • 'Safe Journey' Resource and Drop-in Centre, Sturminster Newton Museum. See further details.

The Martinsey Isle Trust is a member of The National Council of Palliative Care's 'The Dying Matters - Let's Talk About It ' Coalition

Also see Transitus.

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The Martinsey Isle Trust was co-founded in 2002 by David Wasley, its inspiration, and Judith Pidgeon, its grounder

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