Founding Trustees – David Wasley and Judith Pidgeon

By applying for planning permission to create a natural burial ground and in supporting others who promote this; and in aiming to create a place of succour for the whole journey into death and beyond, at Martinsey, we are linking the two arms of our trust – sacred heritage and releasing the taboo around dying – through education.

David Wasley

David is the guardian of our land.

David says:
" An important aim of the trust is the recovery of Martinsey Island in the Glastonbury moorland where Joseph of Arimathea with his nephew Jesus, if the legend is true, came by boat to Britain and made a wattle church at Glastonbury. We are, if not vigilant, going to lose a sacred place and our plan is to recover this hill and its dilapidated buildings with your support and subject to obtaining the site and planning permission to return it to a place of succour

This could not be achieved without my mentor Judith of ten years and more. We have between us, a personal trust and partnership (my partner in death). She stands alongside Martinsey in my estimation and my inspiration.

Professionally, I am a maker of stained glass windows, a painter and a sculptor and an adult learning tutor and regularly offer classes to support the work of the trust. From time to time, I write for Glastonbury’s Avalon maga¬zine; and am also engaged in research for four books: ‘Five Keys of Knowledge’; ‘A Number to Latin Dictionary of Gematria’; ‘British Codes Solved’ and what I believe to be the discovery of Arthur’s memorial in Somerset "

Judith Pidgeon

Teacher. Co-founder of The Martinsey Isle Trust with David. Creator of the Art of Dying (and Living Project) and Resource and Drop-in Centres. Co-founder of Transitus with Carmella

I am a funeral friend, trained by Green Fuse; and a companion to the dying and bereaved. Having worked in the volunteer sector all my life, variously, with the young, the disabled, the dying and the bereaved; and as a teacher, responsible for pastoral care, I became a school governor, a trustee for the Natural Death Centre and of a local prison charity, and am now a prison visitor. I have cared for many friends and family members as well as those previously unknown to me, in all stages of their dying and bereavement; and after death. I hope my skills and life experience qualify me for my work as trustee and volunteer for the trust. It is my compassionate passion to do so.

Talk of 'compassionate passion' and 'a vision for the future', would not be complete, if I were not to tell of Carmella B'Hahn. This was the vision (in blue and turquoise) that I beheld at the amazing ' Death the Great Adventure ' conference held by the Wrekin Trust in 2004, in memory of Sir George Trevelyan, when I had the temerity to take along ideas for supporting those isolated by their passion for the dying and bereaved; and had a list of interested people. Soon, Carmella was to have a venue for our gatherings!

But let Carmella tell her own story:
Carmella B'Hahn
Carmella is a co-founder of Transitus
How did I, Carmella, come to be facilitating on a 'Death the Great Adventure' event where I first met the delightful Judith? I believe I was invited because of my rich personal experience of 'the continuity of consciousness' and the consequent books I had written. My son, Benjaya, drowned in a local river aged five in 1992, and mainly because of the extraordinary communication between he and I, both before his birth and after his death, I was able to thrive rather than simply survive. The two sentences from Benjaya that I find myself sharing most are:
1. (Before birth), "There is death in birth, as there is birth in death; I beg you to keep me conscious of who I am when I come."
And 2. (After death), "Death is but a dance of freedom from the body’s earthly thought."
It seems as if sharing my learning about transitions is part of my life path. I am a bereavement counsellor as well as a workshop facilitator and am delighted to be affiliated, through Transitus, with the work of the Martinsey Isle Trust.
During the aforementioned conference, visionary Sir George Trevelyan, spoke through Janice Dolley (Director of the Wrekin Trust, which promotes spiritual education - originally founded by Sir George). Through her, he asked the attendees if anyone would take up the mantle of creating a university that would help release fears surrounding the important subject of death. Judith and myself, with Janice's backing, enthusiastically answered that call, interpreted the word 'university' in our own way and founded the Transitus Movement I now play more of a supporting role to Judith.
Carmella’s website with details of her books and work is:
Supporters of the Trust

Within the Art of Dying (and Living) Project, whose Aims and Objectives are to work creatively in the field of death education and awareness, I have also been blessed with some wonderful people:

In 2007, I was blessed to meet Brett Walwyn, body psychotherapist who specialises in bereavement work, at the 9th CDAS Death, Dying and Disposal Conference in Bath. Immediately, we simply knew we had to work together, which we continue to do. For a wonderful year, I was supported by Dee Dade, a soul midwife and Cruse-trained bereavement worker. Other amazing volunteers have also joined me. I am eternally grateful to all the wonderful people who have come into my life. Without them, this recent expansion of the work would not have been possible

Similarly, David has been wonderfully supported by, among others, Catriona Gower, Patricia Norgate and Ewa Berkieta
David and I support one another utterly and we are so grateful to all who have come to join us
The ruin at Martinsey
The River Axe at Martinsey
Trust land at Godney
Heron takes off at Panborough
Panborough Hill
The Martinsey Isle Trust and the Glaston Rose Humane Company Creating an idyll of Martinsey and Lidney Islands Natural Burial honouring life's sacred thresholds
The Martinsey Isle Trust was co-founded in 2002 by David Wasley, its inspiration, and Judith Pidgeon, its grounder

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